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Interview Questions

What's a Winning Move?

In your 20+ years researching business success and failure, why did you look at Winning Moves instead of looking at Winning Companies?

How effective is revolutionary innovation that condones breaking all the rules and sparing no sacred cows?

When businesses aspire to grow, what works better: innovation based on evolution, or innovation based upon more radical, revolutionary change? Why?

What mistakes do companies make when pursuing growth opportunities?

Why do companies that experience tremendous success often run into trouble when they try to do it again?

How can companies grow without killing their golden goose?

Many companies today are drowning in data. What should companies do--that many are not yet doing--to reap profitable rewards from their market research and marketing information?

How does the Winning Moves® system apply to the changing role of marketing?

What do leading companies have to do to stay at the top?

Aren't good people more important than strategy?

How do companies know how much risk to take, and also what risks to take?

What should be done in situations of overcaution where companies are said to have taken too little risk?