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Company Fact Sheet

Specializing in business strategy and marketing information, Ezop and Associates provides services based upon Phyllis Ezop's 20+ year study of business success and failure patterns. Ezop's research, which looks at how business growth and innovation really work, identifies the Winning Moves that drive business success.  Using this research, Ezop and Associates offers Winning Moves® Consulting, Winning Moves® Presentations, and Winning Moves® Special Reports.

Ezop's decades long study dissects business growth from a historical perspective, and uncovers patterns that offer thought provoking insights about growth related areas. As a strategic advisor, Ezop can use these research findings to help companies identify their Winning Moves. She helps them choose the most promising growth options, and her material covers areas such as new products/new ventures, marketing strategy, strategic fit, diversification, market research, marketing's changing role, and both start-up and corporate entrepreneurship.

Some of Ezop's research challenges conventional wisdom, and she finds that the entire process of selecting target markets warrants rethinking. A believer in the power of patterns, Ezop also helps companies interpret their marketing data using an innovative new framework that ties in with her findings about business growth.

Ezop and Associates is based in La Grange Park, Illinois.