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Winning Moves® Strategic Thinking Sessions

How to Think Your Way to Profitable Business Growth
Strategic thinking sessions entail exercises that help you set your business direction. These sessions provide questions for thinking through key strategic issues. Insights about the strategic direction for your company's growth often emerge as you work through the exercises completing your answers. And, Phyllis Ezop will provide you with expert commentary on how powerful business success and failure patterns unveiled by her research apply to your situation. Strategic thinking sessions are especially valuable if you are considering a new direction for your business, or if you are trying to identify what to do to move your business forward. Since they raise questions that provide a framework for thinking, they can be helpful whether or not you have already gathered much business intelligence or analyzed your options. Too many businesses are setting direction or making major changes without thinking. That leads to disappointing results, especially in today's climate when so many are innovating and trying to break the rules. So, think before you make your moves. Winning Moves® Strategic Thinking Sessions help you think your way to profitable growth.