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Articles Citing Phyllis Ezop

“Losing Attitude: Accountability is Driving the Use of Behavioral Data” by Don E. Schultz, (Northwestern University professor and founder of Northwestern's graduate program in integrated marketing, who is known as the world's foremost integrated marketing and branding expert) Marketing Research: A Magazine of Management and Applications, Fall 1995

Schultz's article encourages change and calls for greater use of behavioral data (as opposed to attitudinal data). As Schultz states in his article:
“Only recently have researchers begun to suggest the use of behavioral data in conjunction with traditional survey research. For example, it was only a year ago in the Fall 1994 issue of Marketing Research that Phyllis Ezop advocated combining information contained in a database with survey research results.”

Books Citing Phyllis Ezop

“Topics in Artificial Intelligence” by Francisco Toledo, Springer 2002

“Information Technology in Educational Research and Statistics” edited by Leping Liu, D. Lamont Johnson, and Cleborne D. Maddux, Haworth Press 1999